15-19 March 2021



Are you tired to do the calculations? To write term papers and to pass exams?

Do you have a lot of energy that you have nowhere to go, lots of ideas that you cannot realize? Do you want to have fun and good time?

Engineering competitions are exactly what you need.

What is it?

EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is a competition between students of technical universities in Europe. For students it is a unique opportunity to show their talent, ingenuity, original thinking, and compete with other students of VNTU for the right to represent our beautiful city at the National stage of Competition.

EВEC in Ukraine is held four technical universities:in Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Lviv and Zaporizhzhia.

The winners of each city meet in Zaporizhzhia at the national stage of the Competition.

What is this for?

Our main aim is to promote engineering thought in Ukraine by creating favorable conditions for its emergence and development. We create conditions for competition of participants` ideas, because effective and creative ways of solving problems are born in the.

In addition, within engineering competition, we provide the opportunity for students of technical universities to develop and realize their ideas through collaboration with companies and communication with the European education community.

Where and When?

Date: 15.03 - 19.03

Venue: VNTU

Participants: 12 teams (6 in each category) of 4 men.


General conditions of participation:

There are 2 categories of competitions:

  • Team Design – the solving a specific technical task by a team for a limited period of time. The result of the competition is the presence of a device that performs necessary functions to solve the task.
  • Case Study – the solving analytical problems, a detailed research of a specific object, problem, process that has clear time and space limits. Management or technical issues are usually solved.

The team chooses the category of competition independently:

  • Number of teams - 6 in each category;
  • Number of people in the team - 4;
  • Teams can be formed in advance. The organizers will form teams with no teams, according to the wishes of the participants. Formation of teams will be done by the organizers after the questionnaire.
  • The full team must be present in the questionnaire, thus participating in pre-selection;
  • The decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal.

Requirements for participants:

  • All participants must be registered and questioned in due course;
  • All participants must be present at all days of the competition, during presentations, project opening / closing sessions;
  • Participants of the competition are students of VNTU.


15.03 Monday
10:00 Official opening
11:00 Start of competitions
12:45-13:00 Coffee Break
15:00 Finish of competitions
15:15 Presentations
16.03 Tuesday
14:30 Start of competitions
16:15-16:30 Coffee Break
18:30 Finish of competitions
18:45 Presentations
17.03 Wednesday
14:30 Start of competitions
16:15-16:30 Coffee Break
18:30 Finish of competitions
18:45 Presentations
18.03 Thursday
14:30 Start of competitions
16:15-16:30 Coffee Break
18:30 Finish of competitions
18:45 Presentations
19.03 Friday
12:00 Start of competitions
14:00-14:15 Coffee Break
16:00 Finish of competitions
16:15 Presentations
18:00 Official closing

Don't delay and gather a team of 4 people to prove yourself!


BEST, The Student Council of the Technical Universities of Europe is a growing, non-profit, non-political organization. Since 1989, BEST has provided communication, cultural connections and exchange opportunities for students across Europe.

96 local groups in 34 countries create a growing, well-organized, powerful, young and innovative student network. More than 15,000 students are involved in the daily development of our organization, and nearly one million students participate in our events.

BEST helps technology students from Europe become more internationally-minded, through a better understanding of European culture and the ability to help and work in the world around them. Through BEST courses and Engineering competitions, students can broaden their knowledge in fields close to their technical background.

BEST, as an organization, creates a space in which students can exchange knowledge through the organization of activities such as academic courses, engineering competitions, training symposia, trainings, cultural exchanges and, of course, leisure activities. On the other hand, BEST is trying to expand the labor market horizon by organizing work-related activities (job fairs, company visits, seminars). Lastly, BEST has developed its own training system, so BEST members also have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge by practicing technical or personal training.

In Ukraine, the organization is represented by local branches of four universities:

  • Vinnitsa National Technical University
  • Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • Zaporizhzhya National Technical University
  • National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Read more about BEST at: www.BEST.eu.org



Main Organizer

Oleksandr Dusaniuk

38 093 83 41 621


Responsible for

Corporate Relations

Roman Teslya

+38 068 28 74 679


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